SanDisk Red Sea 2007

Competition and "Happy Hours"


The tension and excitement before opening the last envelope was peaking. Four Israeli candidates and one Spanish. "And the winner was… Arthur J Telle Thelmann from Spain". Arthur went up to the stage and raised the giant SanDisk check high above his head. It was indeed an emotional moment for a week of endless dives and events during the SanDisk Red Sea underwater photography competition, held for the 3rd year in a row. 3 shooting days, hours spent in front of computer monitors selecting the final photos to be submitted by the participants to the international jury panel and grand finale – a beautiful awards ceremony.

The "Happy Hour" evenings, mixed together with bouzouki, sax and guitar players with free Goldstar beer for everybody turned those tedious hours of after-dive into fun times of forming team spirit. Those evenings were the main key for networking, mingling, small talk, exchanging ideas and eventually contributed a lot to the event and to its great success. I'm guessing that beer is indeed the true "decompression liquid" for divers.

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