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Welcome to the 5th Annual Epson Red Sea Competition

 "World of Underwater Images”

Online competition rules
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Dyk Magazine

During the months of April and August, an online photography contest will be held for Photographer of the Month. Photographers from all over Sweden, amateur and professional are welcome to submit of 3 digital photos (scanned photos are accepted) each month.

Photographer of the Year – Epeson- Red Sea Competition
An online contest for Photographer of the Year between all former winners (from April and August) will
begin 1 September 2009. Online voters and a panel of 5 Judges will choose one of the winners as Photographer of the Year. That winner will be invited to join The Epson- Red Sea 2009 Competition.
Prize for Photographer of the Year includes: flight, accommodations and diving during the Epson- Red Sea competition for one.

The 5th Annual Epson Red Sea Competition will be held, 09 -14 November 2009. The Sweden Photographer of the Year may submit his photos to Images of the world  categories such as: Underwater Humor, Ecology & Nature, best 5 Images (portfolio) Wrecks and the best color print
The winning Photographer of the Year can enter in all of the Epson Red Sea categories, but will also - represent  Sweden in the special International Media category. 
Who can participate: Professional and amateur photographers can submit their photos on either digital or regular film that will be reproduced to a digital format.
All participants must be registered.
Participants can submit up to 3 photos only.
Participants can upload and modify photos during the first phase of submission. Each photo can be up to 300 KB

Online contests Time Tables:

Submitting Photos
Photographers can submit their photos starting on the 3rd of each month. Last date for submitting photos: 18th of each month.

Online voting will begin on the 19th of each month.
Last date to vote online, on the 30th of each month.
Announcing the winner

The winner for Photographer of the Month will be announced on the 2nd of each consecutive month. The following day a new contest will begin.

Voting will be divided accordingly:
30% of all points will be given by the registered online voters.
70% of all points will be given by
5 Judges - 14% for each judge.
The winner will be the photographer who receives the highest combined score from the 5 Judges and registered members.

Who can vote? Only registered members. To participate please Log in

Please read before submitting your photos:

As a participant in the ‘Photographer of the Month’ and the ‘Photographer of the Year’ Epson Red Sea Competition, you are hereby accepting all rules and regulations, as written in this document. By submitting your photos to be voted on by online voters and 5 pre-selected Judges you herby declare that you have taken the photos and own the copyrights of each photograph submitted.

Submission into this competition grants copying and use of your photos for any media coverage of Epson- Red Sea Competition or relevant media, press, Epson- Red Sea Competition album, Epson-Red Sea partners and affiliates, and other relevant actives to promote this competition.

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